$5000 Match Gift for Friends of Re:new!

Every day, families are uprooted by the thousands and forced to flee their homes in order to escape war and persecution. They give up everything they are familiar with in order to protect their families.

At Re:new, we are familiar with this. Each of our Artisans is a refugee and has dealt with the confusion and difficulty that comes with having one’s life uprooted. We stand in solidarity with them and thousands of others who have similar stories. Keep reading to learn about valuable ways that you can partner with refugees, and help carry the story.

The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, is striving to provide these families with a safe and hopeful future. World Refugee Day (June 20) has been created to support a petition expressing the undeniable need to care for refugees.

“The petition asks governments to:

  • Ensure every refugee child gets an education.
  • Ensure every refugee family has somewhere safe to live.
  • Ensure every refugee can work or learn new skills to make a positive contribution to their community.”


Today, join the campaign by signing the petition and using the hashtag #WithRefugees to add your voice to the expression of solidarity, and to remind governments all over the world that we all have a shared responsibility to care for our refugee neighbors.

If you’re looking for an even more tangible way to support refugees, please consider joining the Friends of Re:new. In honor of World Refugee Day, an anonymous donor is offering a $5,000 match gift to all new donors who join the Friends of Re:new in the month of June!

The Friends of Re:new is a monthly giving commitment that supplements the day-to-day operational expenses of Re:new, as well as supporting activities that enhance the professional and personal development of the Artisan team. Click here to find out how just $15 per month could impact your refugee neighbors!

Re:new stands #WithRefugees. Stand with us.


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