A Creative Partnership Supporting Refugees April 16 2016, 0 Comments

We all have gifts, skills, talents and passion within us. How we choose to direct our attention and energy is uniquely different. Today, we're proud to share a partnership that we hope will inspire you to think about how you can use your gifts, skills, talents and passion to engage the refugee community in your area.

After learning about Re:new Project at church, Rochelle Jordan felt compelled to get involved in a way that made sense to her and fit her busy schedule. An independent consultant for Jamberry Nails, Rochelle approached Re:new with a creative offer: to host an online Jamberry party as a means to raise funds for Re:new. Brilliant and creative!

The online Jamberry fundraiser will run from April 18 - April 22

Don't miss out on all the exciting discounts, prizes and special offers that will take place. 


Please welcome Rochelle Jordan to the Re:new blog!

Re:new: Hello Rochelle. Thank you so much for partnering with Re:new in this very creative way to support the refugee women in our programs. How did you hear about Re:new?

RJ: I heard about Re:new Project in Westbrook Church when the director spoke during our Sunday service.

Re:new: In what way did learning about our mission impact you?

RJ: I think Re:new is doing an amazing job in supporting refugee women. Your mission is something very close to my heart because I believe that everyone deserves a chance to thrive and live a happy life regardless of where they are, where they came from, and how broken they were by difficult circumstances. Watching the news on refugee situations breaks my heart.

Re:new: Can you share a little bit about why you felt so inspired to host a fundraiser on behalf of Re:new?

RJ: When I heard your director share stories about the refugees empowered by Re:new, I just couldn't stand the thought of not helping in any way. As soon as the service was over that Sunday, I went to the lobby and purchased a handcrafted clutch. When I got home, I kept thinking about Re:new and the fundraiser idea came to my mind. My life is blessed and comfortable, and it humbles me to think these women braved the storm to get to the United States, for a second chance at life. I want to help give them that second chance.

Re:new: Tell us about Jamberry Nails and how long you have been a consultant?

RJ: Jamberry is a company that empowers women by providing an opportunity to earn extra income, be part of a community of supportive women, and express our style and personality through our nails. The products are salon quality, are made in the USA, and don't contain harsh chemicals. Plus, they are cheaper than going to the salon. I signed up to become a consultant in March. Honestly, my primary reason for signing up at the time was the discount available on the Consultant Kit, hahaha. However, once I experienced the sisterhood in my team, the power that I have to give other women the opportunity to launch their own business, and the monetary contributions I can give through fundraisers to support local charities, I realized that I love being a consultant!

Re:new: Rochelle, thank you for using your business as a Jamberry consultant to support Re:new in a simple way that will inspire others to think about how they can do the same.

Click here to join the fun and participate in the online Jamberry fundraiser for Re:new Project.