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Back to School!

August brings with it hot sunny weather, sweet summer memories, and of course, back to school shopping. You might be in the midst of buying crayons, glue, notebooks, textbooks, or even a mini fridge or microwave as you prepare for your student to return to school. Whether you’re in the crayons and paper stage or you’re sending your student off to college, Re:new is the perfect place to pick up something special for your student! Here are some great ideas as the back to school season approaches:

Color makes a simple project that much more enjoyable! Stock your student’s backpack with our colorful Journals and Pencil Zips, so that they’re ready with supplies when inspiration strikes.

Journal Zips

Pencil Zips

Our Lanyards, Leather Tassels, and Wristlet Bands are perfect for a new driver or forgetful student - when their keys are attached to one of these, they’ll be much easier to find in a backpack or purse.


Leather Tassels

Leather Wristlet

Your student’s laptop is vital to their success. It holds class projects, papers, appointment reminders, and memories, so make sure it’s protected in our Edison Sleeve!

Edison Laptop Sleeve

Our Carry-Alls and Dopp Kits are perfect for college students! Ideal for storing makeup or other toiletries, these are necessities for anyone living in the dorms. Beautifully crafted in a multitude of fun fabrics, they make wonderful gifts.


Dopp Kits

Leather Eyeglass Cases are a perfect gift for any student needing to protect their shades.

Leather Eyeglass Cases

And to protect your student ID we’ve got the perfect thing! Make sure your student never loses their ID when they stow it in our ID Wallet.  

ID Wallets

By purchasing a Re:new product for your student, you’re not only gifting something meaningful and unique, but you are leading by example as you create a thoughtful reminder to always care for others. Your purchase provides a space for refugee women to thrive as they build a new life here in the United States. Each product you purchase from Re:new is lovingly crafted by our talented refugee Artisans in our Glen Ellyn studio. Stop by to make a purchase or take a tour!

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