Give A Gift That Offers Hope To Refugee Women December 15 2016, 0 Comments

It has been an exciting year for Re:new Project. In our new home in the downtown business district of Glen Ellyn, we’ve had the privilege of introducing many new customers to the mission and purpose of Re:new: to create a space for refugee women to thrive.

Thrive like Fatma, who started her journey with Re:new in 2009 when our doors first opened. A refugee from Somalia, Fatma fled her homeland during a time of intense political conflict. Fatma spent twelve long years waiting to be resettled someplace safe. Fatma arrived in the United States, raising five small children on her own when she enrolled in our very first New Student Sewing Class. Because of the care, comfort, and encouragement showered upon her by our volunteers, Fatma remained with Re:new, finding community, friendship, and employment to help ease her financial burdens. With encouragement from our caring volunteers, Fatma is blossoming professionally and personally. Advancing through the Artisan Development programs, Fatma was recently promoted to Studio Manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Studio, while mentoring all the Artisans with her gentle, compassionate nature. Last year, Fatma became a first-time homeowner. This year, she will graduate two children from community college (both of whom plan to pursue higher education to earn a Master’s Degree).

We wish we could say that Fatma’s journey from persecution to healing is an isolated case; however there are thousands of refugees living in Illinois who are rebuilding their lives, just like Fatma.

Each year 70,000 refugees are resettled in the United States -- all were forced to flee their homeland because of persecution, political instability or the impact of war. Every precious refugee woman who graces the doorway of Re:new knows firsthand the suffering caused by violent uprooting – loss of family, community, occupation, finances, health, and educational status, to name just a few.

This is where Re:new Project is helping refugee women to heal the broken pieces of their lives. At a time when community, safety, and a strong support system is needed most, Re:new is there.

Our desire is to provide a safe refuge for more refugee women in 2017.

Will you prayerfully consider supporting Re:new Project with a stretch gift as we strive to raise $100,000 through our year-end appeal?

Here’s how your gift will be used:

• $55,000 – the cost to employ and promote more women in the Artisan Development programs. Full funding will cover the expenses associated with hiring two new refugee women from the New Student Sewing Class onto the Artisan team and promoting three women to the next professional level within the Artisan team.

• $45,000 – the cost of increased operational expenses. We incurred a 65% increase in rent and utilities in our new home in the downtown Glen Ellyn community. Full funding will cover the cost of providing the precious women in the Artisan Development programs and New Student Sewing Class with a dignified, nurturing, and peaceful workspace, while also allowing Re:new a platform to reach out to the greater community to develop partnerships, foster relationships between customers and their refugee neighbors, and connect resources for the women in our programs.

In addition to purchasing our handcrafted products, your financial partnership allows the precious, refugee women in our programs a safe space in which to heal from past trauma as they work to rebuild their lives in the United States --- women who plan to complete their GED, earn their Citizenship, attend community college, provide a stable and safe environment for their children to flourish, launch their own business, or support their children through college.

To support Re:new Project with a year-end gift, please visit our website or send a check to 483 N. Main Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.

Blessings this Christmas season!