Volunteer Spotlight August 08 2016, 0 Comments

Carol and Ella are two of our wonderful volunteers who are involved on the Design team at Re:new. Ella started volunteering in February of this year while Carol has been volunteering for about two years now. What is special about these two is that Ella is Carol’s granddaughter! While in the Studio designing, they love to bounce ideas off of one another and really trust each other’s opinion. Carol and Ella are quite the talented duo!


Q: What prompted you to start volunteering at Re:new?

Ella: The environment. I liked coming here because it’s a safe place for me. I also liked spending time with my Grandma so that’s why I originally started coming.

Carol: My daughter Sue Roman (Re:new’s office manager) is the reason that I started coming. Then I watched the design process and thought that it looked like fun and thought ‘hmm maybe I could do that’. It is also such a positive environment and all the women who volunteer here are so generous with their time, it inspires me to do the same.


Q: (Ella) Out of all the extracurricular activities that are available at your age, why do you choose to spend your time at Re:new?

 E: It’s a safe place for me and everyone here is like family, which makes it really enjoyable. I also like getting to be creative with the different bags I design and spending time with my Grandma.


 Q: What is your favorite part of designing and what item is your favorite to design?

 E: My favorite product to design is the Oxford wallet. My style is more contemporary; I like to use black, white, and gray fabrics as much as I can. My favorite part of the design process is seeing the bags that I designed displayed out in the store.

 C: My favorite is the Keeto. And I like to use a lot of color and match the colors together. My bags are more color coordinated than Ella’s. Ella’s bags are a bit more eccentric in the fact that she puts patterns together that I would never pick out. But they always look great once they are pieced together! Other people can decipher between the bags we make because our styles are different. They can pick out which ones I’ve made and which ones Ella has made.


 Q: What is your favorite part about working with each other?

 C & E: Being able to have conversation with each other while we work and get closer through this experience. While designing we get a lot of chances to have really good conversations and quality time together.


Q: What is the greatest takeaway from the time you have spent at Re:new?

E: The artisans. They are all so encouraging and love giving design advice. They are super laid back and never mind when we interrupt them to talk or ask questions.

C: I also love hearing them laugh. I love to see all the joy they have while in the studio especially knowing that their lives have not been easy. They truly are an inspiration to be around.